Hi, I’m Alex, I make things for the world wide web.

In my work I strive to combine clear design, clever technology and careful planning. I enjoy creating websites and interactive solutions.

App Institute


Fathom World Cup


RNLI Challenge

A&D Skips

X Planes


Team Sport


Arena Ice

Mitchell Bridges

iOS Music player

Utility Exchange


I'm a digital designer & developer passionate about all things creative. My main objective is to produce design solutions that turn my clients’ vision and ideas into long lasting products, no matter the medium. I'm lucky to have had a chance to work on a variety of projects, with agencies, companies or even individuals, helping to encourage my passion for originality and quality. I am always interested to hear about new projects big or small, so feel free to get in touch :)


Web development
Digital design
Interactive media
UI/UX design

Concept work & wireframing
Branding & identity
SEO & email marketing

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